Friday, July 27, 2007


morning guys.. wut a long topic aite.. same goes to my trip da other day to sarawak.. huhu.. av u eva heard some of those names? act those are in sarawak.. they are way too different to compare with kuching or mirie.. hehe.. i was there to attend immigration projects @ border malaysia - brunei.. on day 1, 24th july i went to tedungan's first.. da journey took only 2 hours crossing brunei.. on the way back i stopped by @ bandar sri begawan.. they are celebrating king's 61st birthday.. impressed with da big celebration.. da pics are in my hp.. but i dun av either da cable or card reader.. cannot post da pics.. huhu.. then we went back again to miri. we stayed @ mega hotel..

i was supposed to go back on 25th july 6.30am.. but i need to attend another immigation project @ mengkalap.. so i postponed my flight to 6.15pm.. so da nex day 26th juky.. i went again passsing da same road but extended another hour of driving.. da roads were so narrow.. pedalaman gilos.. huhu.. we crossed a river to go mengkalap.. da river is located @ puni.. da border of malaysia - brunei.. RM10 per car was charged to cross da river.. damn expensive for a 20m ferry service.. huhu.. mengkalap project was a bit slow to compare with tedungan.. but as usual, da contractor always have the excuses.. heavy rain, no material supply.. bla bla bla.. hmmm

as a whole, my trip to sarawak dis time is way too different with my last visit @ kuching long time a go.. but i still enjoy da trip.. free summore wut.. haha.. at least i av da chance to go to brunei.. which i think didnt focus much on the developement.. da city was not dat big.. ive talked to much i think.. better stop now.. tomorrow m going to lenggong.. another "sick project" of JPN.. hmmm.. so guys.. take care n av a great weekend.. adios

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