Tuesday, August 7, 2007

family day @ cameron highland

elo guys.. feels like ages ago since my last writing.. hehe.. got no time actually.. wut do we av today.. nuthing much.. just a few paperworks to be done.. tonite m gona bowl for bumiputra' league with afat n arop.. hope to bowl well tonite..

i'm gonna attach a few pics form my family day @ cameron.. da occasion was very good.. coz it was a combination of team building & family day.. full with laughters.. da activities involved da family members as well.. a good mixture i think =) da only competition held was duo karaoke.. surprisingly i won da 1st place.. huhu.. me n eva sang Dua Insan.. i was surprised bcoz i sing like s**t.. over acting plak tu.. huhu.. tp dah rezeki kan =D here are some of da pics.. enjoy n gudday every one.. adios..

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