Friday, July 27, 2007


morning guys.. wut a long topic aite.. same goes to my trip da other day to sarawak.. huhu.. av u eva heard some of those names? act those are in sarawak.. they are way too different to compare with kuching or mirie.. hehe.. i was there to attend immigration projects @ border malaysia - brunei.. on day 1, 24th july i went to tedungan's first.. da journey took only 2 hours crossing brunei.. on the way back i stopped by @ bandar sri begawan.. they are celebrating king's 61st birthday.. impressed with da big celebration.. da pics are in my hp.. but i dun av either da cable or card reader.. cannot post da pics.. huhu.. then we went back again to miri. we stayed @ mega hotel..

i was supposed to go back on 25th july 6.30am.. but i need to attend another immigation project @ mengkalap.. so i postponed my flight to 6.15pm.. so da nex day 26th juky.. i went again passsing da same road but extended another hour of driving.. da roads were so narrow.. pedalaman gilos.. huhu.. we crossed a river to go mengkalap.. da river is located @ puni.. da border of malaysia - brunei.. RM10 per car was charged to cross da river.. damn expensive for a 20m ferry service.. huhu.. mengkalap project was a bit slow to compare with tedungan.. but as usual, da contractor always have the excuses.. heavy rain, no material supply.. bla bla bla.. hmmm

as a whole, my trip to sarawak dis time is way too different with my last visit @ kuching long time a go.. but i still enjoy da trip.. free summore wut.. haha.. at least i av da chance to go to brunei.. which i think didnt focus much on the developement.. da city was not dat big.. ive talked to much i think.. better stop now.. tomorrow m going to lenggong.. another "sick project" of JPN.. hmmm.. so guys.. take care n av a great weekend.. adios

Thursday, July 26, 2007

wahh.. so green.. (expired story.. haha)

morning guys.. act this is a backdated story.. didnt av time on monday to post this.. last nite i just back form sarawak.. ill talk bout dat in the evening kay.. just want to say something during my visit to alor setar..

i went to alor setar by flight @ 7.45 am.. so sleepy coz i need to check in by 6.45.. means av to go out earlier.. 6am in the morning i was already in the car tp ERL.. sesat summore.. huhu.. lucky i managed to be there @ 6.13am to take da 6.22am train.. huhu =p

finished both JPN's meeting at Yan & Pendang @ noon.. picked up by an old fren of mine, mr zam @ quaranta.. we studied @ usm together.. nuthing much coz i slept as soon as i arrived his house.. hahaha.. later @ nite we moved to sg petani to meet mr P @ vespark.. a good fren of mine.. just engaged recently, congrats dude.. he cooked for us.. so sweet.. huhu.. i was so full dat nite.. da food was not that bad :) then we went for bowling.. note: me n zam started bowling long time ago..but mr p didnt.. but, by final year in usm, he had his own bowling ball.. wanna know y? wakaka.. wut else.. we drag him laa... huhuhu... so good to see both of them.. we were so closed last time.. coursemate, roommate, teammate for bowling.. hmmm.. kinda miss all the things we used to do together @ usm =)

erm, maybe u guys wonder wuts da topic is all about.. not related wif wut ive wrote so far.. huhuh.. act, at kedah, on the flight.. i was so impressed with green scenery of the paddy field.. summore its almost musim menuai.. so the paddy will turn yellow real soon.. so beautiful.. n zam's house which i stayed were located in the middle of the paddy field.. syoknya.. hehe.. enjoy da pics (but 2 only) hehehe.. catch ya later.. adios

p/s: inilah rupe padi ye adik2.. hehe

Monday, July 23, 2007

morning guys.. im not feeling well today.. but minor only.. got cough once i woke u dis morning.. maybe too much rambutans n cempedaks when i was @ alor setar.. hehe..

just want to share with u guys bout wut i had for the past few days.. among all, last nite was the best.. becoz finally.. i had the chance to meet HELIZA begheh in person.. huhu.. it happened @ flamingo hotel, gathering with Heliza Fan Club (HFC) i kinda excited to see her.. she'z really funny, frenly n cuteee.. rasa cmm nak cubit2 jek.. hehe.. some of da pics..

aduhai.. nape gue tak leh susun gmbr2 ni properly... sory la guys.. im not good at this.. maybe evildead or axa can help me eith this.. huhuhu.. to axa, as requested.. ive put some pics in my blogs.. enjoy.. hehehe.. gudday everyone.. adios..

p/s : later ill post some pics form kedah.. c ya

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

late comer =(

argh.. after only 3 weeks, my punch card is red today.. uwaa.. hancus record gue.. no one to blame but me.. act i arrived early @ 7.35am but da office is locked. so i went to cafeteria. when i got back n punched in, da time is already 8.01am.. late by 1 minure.. hmmmm.. my bad.. wuteva.. just wanna recall few days back activities..

070707 - got so many wishes from my frens thru sms, frenster, ym.. thanx to all guys.. u guys were superb.. and i met anne hot fm @ alamanda.. took picture with her.. wut a beauty gurl =D

080707 - went to malacca for bob's wedding.. met so many old colleagues from SSSSB.. kinda alumni SSSSB reunion.. huhu.. attracted to D80's of aiyshah.. gonna get one next year.. very superb SLR.. huhu..

090707 - went to visit JPPP in the morning then moved to mersing @ 3.30pm.. so damn fast.. 3 1/2 hrs dah smpai mersing.. huhu.. dat nite just hang out with yusry, ssssb's supervisor at mersing.. lepaking @ d'rimba.. sang a song, pencinta wanita.. huhu..

100707 - penyerahan tapak kuarters imegresen.. started with meeting at the JKR office then went to the site.. project almost completed.. only pending touch up works commented by the client namely imegresen.. then power n water supply by respective agencies.. target date to be cleared is 3 weeks from now.. went back to kl @1.45pm.. reached kl @ 5.15pm.. again damn fast.. top speed 190.. huhu.. singgah opis to drop da things and stay a while to play carrom :)
at nite i went for bumiputera's league.. my team won 14-2.. my games were 188, 188, 146.. huh, av to pay denda for da last game.. seemed like da XXX ball was too heavy for me.. hmm.. cmn ek.. but later i bowled with KHEDN colleague.. azra, hakim, mariani, fazli, hafiz, and su.. wut a crazy nite.. full with laughters.. hehe.. really enjoy da nite.. thx guys.. btw, my game was better using el nino.. 189,191,186.. hmmm

ok guys.. i think i've covered enough kot.. hehe.. av a gud day guys.. take care.. adios..

Saturday, July 7, 2007

070707 - what a date

on this very meaningful day to me, i am here in the office on saturday (hmmm) to help azra n ude to update some data on the RMK9 projects.. and also to do my staff claims for june which shud be submitted before 10th every month. im going to mersing on monday, so i av to do it by today.. or else.. burn lorr.. huhu..

act, i shud av been married today.. dat was my earlier plan wif my gurl long2 time ago.. but we realized dat it cudnt be true as she's still studying, doing her final semester.. being da best student, no wonder her job at prince court hospital await for her already,starting 3rd september, as soon as she finished her studies in august.. congrats sweetie.. ure da best.. although we didnt make it for today.. dun worry.. someday we will, insyaAllah =)

hmm btw, i managed to watch transformers last Thursday with her and Malaysian Bowlers clan.. awesome dude.. dat was really2 cool.. kinda impressed with the overall movie.. congrats Michael Bay for the most wonderful job.. he really made the robots seem real.. human characteristic in those auto bots really made me laugh a bit loud.. hehehe.. i plan to watch it again.. cant get enough of it =) a ***** movie.. its not a censored word dude.. its the stars.. huhuhu..

wut about tomorrow.. tomorrow m going to malacca to attend the wedding a fren of mine.. congrats to fizzie @ bob & fiza.. muga bahagia ke ahir hayat.. ill be there tomorrow insyaAllah..

so guys, this is for now i guess.. ill be off till tuesday.. wednesday ill be back in the office but on thursday ill be off to likas for site visit @ the General Hospital for the JPN's project.. till then guys.. av a wonderful weekend.. adios

Monday, July 2, 2007

great weekend?

its monday morning.. but i bet the date shown must be sunday aite ;) nuthing much happened last weekend.. let s check it out..

saturday 30th june
wake up early morning.. went to sri gombak to fix my radio.. but he cudnt do much.. just made a bypass from immo to radio.. yeah, my audio was back but its just a temporary solution.. somehow da power didnt reach my audio n power socket.. need to recheck da wiring.. RM! RM! hmmm.. then went to EP to watch afat doing post bowl for his PBSM thing.. then back home to get some sleep.. woke up.. went to JJ.. dinner with afat & fiance & amad.. forgot i had futsal but did go there for a while.. then by 12++ i was home then sleeping time.. hehe

sunday 1st july
wake up early too.. huhu.. went to see my fiance.. had breakfast with her.. then went to install my anti shock @ my ride.. i asked them to repair my audio but they refused.. said it wast their fault.. i duno wut else to say.. left them with anger inside.. huh.. then went to semua house.. guess what.. i met whosend & mleo.. seemed like they're shopping for the upcoming big day.. i duno when.. but from wut i heard, it's soon enough ;) happy shooping dude.. huhu.. as for me, the goods mom was asking for were not available.. so i went to jalan TAR.. i bought myself a pink cloth for dis year's baju melayu.. huhuhu... mom was the first to laugh at me.. huhu.. i didnt mind.. say what u wanna say.. im wearing pink dis year :p later @ 4.30 pm, the five of us went to MBO, galaxy.. da original plan was to watch transformers, but only front rows left.. so we changed to die hard 4.0.. worth every single second of da movie.. two thumbs up.. bravo2.. see for urself.. but it was really2 a good one.. then @ 8pm, i went to PROCC single league @ EP.. starting from da beginning, i dun feel like playing.. tired maybe, so i decided not to play for the team event.. and i was right.. i bowled very bad.. only got 117 for da 1st game, followed by 175 & 158.. my total 450, average 150.. really2 dissapointing me.. i left da alley as soon as i finished da game.. drive home like crazy for the frustating nite.. huh.. "thanx" to soemin for the XXX ball..

hmm.. kinda long, so i guess no more for today.. becoz today is nothing much is happening.. need to edit da slide show for tomorrow.. i'm going to slim river.. for the Task Force stuff.. so guys... dats all for now.. adios...