Saturday, July 7, 2007

070707 - what a date

on this very meaningful day to me, i am here in the office on saturday (hmmm) to help azra n ude to update some data on the RMK9 projects.. and also to do my staff claims for june which shud be submitted before 10th every month. im going to mersing on monday, so i av to do it by today.. or else.. burn lorr.. huhu..

act, i shud av been married today.. dat was my earlier plan wif my gurl long2 time ago.. but we realized dat it cudnt be true as she's still studying, doing her final semester.. being da best student, no wonder her job at prince court hospital await for her already,starting 3rd september, as soon as she finished her studies in august.. congrats sweetie.. ure da best.. although we didnt make it for today.. dun worry.. someday we will, insyaAllah =)

hmm btw, i managed to watch transformers last Thursday with her and Malaysian Bowlers clan.. awesome dude.. dat was really2 cool.. kinda impressed with the overall movie.. congrats Michael Bay for the most wonderful job.. he really made the robots seem real.. human characteristic in those auto bots really made me laugh a bit loud.. hehehe.. i plan to watch it again.. cant get enough of it =) a ***** movie.. its not a censored word dude.. its the stars.. huhuhu..

wut about tomorrow.. tomorrow m going to malacca to attend the wedding a fren of mine.. congrats to fizzie @ bob & fiza.. muga bahagia ke ahir hayat.. ill be there tomorrow insyaAllah..

so guys, this is for now i guess.. ill be off till tuesday.. wednesday ill be back in the office but on thursday ill be off to likas for site visit @ the General Hospital for the JPN's project.. till then guys.. av a wonderful weekend.. adios

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