Wednesday, July 11, 2007

late comer =(

argh.. after only 3 weeks, my punch card is red today.. uwaa.. hancus record gue.. no one to blame but me.. act i arrived early @ 7.35am but da office is locked. so i went to cafeteria. when i got back n punched in, da time is already 8.01am.. late by 1 minure.. hmmmm.. my bad.. wuteva.. just wanna recall few days back activities..

070707 - got so many wishes from my frens thru sms, frenster, ym.. thanx to all guys.. u guys were superb.. and i met anne hot fm @ alamanda.. took picture with her.. wut a beauty gurl =D

080707 - went to malacca for bob's wedding.. met so many old colleagues from SSSSB.. kinda alumni SSSSB reunion.. huhu.. attracted to D80's of aiyshah.. gonna get one next year.. very superb SLR.. huhu..

090707 - went to visit JPPP in the morning then moved to mersing @ 3.30pm.. so damn fast.. 3 1/2 hrs dah smpai mersing.. huhu.. dat nite just hang out with yusry, ssssb's supervisor at mersing.. lepaking @ d'rimba.. sang a song, pencinta wanita.. huhu..

100707 - penyerahan tapak kuarters imegresen.. started with meeting at the JKR office then went to the site.. project almost completed.. only pending touch up works commented by the client namely imegresen.. then power n water supply by respective agencies.. target date to be cleared is 3 weeks from now.. went back to kl @1.45pm.. reached kl @ 5.15pm.. again damn fast.. top speed 190.. huhu.. singgah opis to drop da things and stay a while to play carrom :)
at nite i went for bumiputera's league.. my team won 14-2.. my games were 188, 188, 146.. huh, av to pay denda for da last game.. seemed like da XXX ball was too heavy for me.. hmm.. cmn ek.. but later i bowled with KHEDN colleague.. azra, hakim, mariani, fazli, hafiz, and su.. wut a crazy nite.. full with laughters.. hehe.. really enjoy da nite.. thx guys.. btw, my game was better using el nino.. 189,191,186.. hmmm

ok guys.. i think i've covered enough kot.. hehe.. av a gud day guys.. take care.. adios..

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