Monday, July 23, 2007

morning guys.. im not feeling well today.. but minor only.. got cough once i woke u dis morning.. maybe too much rambutans n cempedaks when i was @ alor setar.. hehe..

just want to share with u guys bout wut i had for the past few days.. among all, last nite was the best.. becoz finally.. i had the chance to meet HELIZA begheh in person.. huhu.. it happened @ flamingo hotel, gathering with Heliza Fan Club (HFC) i kinda excited to see her.. she'z really funny, frenly n cuteee.. rasa cmm nak cubit2 jek.. hehe.. some of da pics..

aduhai.. nape gue tak leh susun gmbr2 ni properly... sory la guys.. im not good at this.. maybe evildead or axa can help me eith this.. huhuhu.. to axa, as requested.. ive put some pics in my blogs.. enjoy.. hehehe.. gudday everyone.. adios..

p/s : later ill post some pics form kedah.. c ya


AfzaNistrator said...

laa.. peminat fanatik HEliza rupenye.. heheheh

AYOYakaDASSLER said...

haha.. keke.. huhu..

as a.k.a axa87 said...

he he he.. kena choose utk letak pic to kat mana la.. center, left, right.

kmnizam said...

cayalah dassler..mcm nie la baru bebetui minat seseorang artis :)