Thursday, July 26, 2007

wahh.. so green.. (expired story.. haha)

morning guys.. act this is a backdated story.. didnt av time on monday to post this.. last nite i just back form sarawak.. ill talk bout dat in the evening kay.. just want to say something during my visit to alor setar..

i went to alor setar by flight @ 7.45 am.. so sleepy coz i need to check in by 6.45.. means av to go out earlier.. 6am in the morning i was already in the car tp ERL.. sesat summore.. huhu.. lucky i managed to be there @ 6.13am to take da 6.22am train.. huhu =p

finished both JPN's meeting at Yan & Pendang @ noon.. picked up by an old fren of mine, mr zam @ quaranta.. we studied @ usm together.. nuthing much coz i slept as soon as i arrived his house.. hahaha.. later @ nite we moved to sg petani to meet mr P @ vespark.. a good fren of mine.. just engaged recently, congrats dude.. he cooked for us.. so sweet.. huhu.. i was so full dat nite.. da food was not that bad :) then we went for bowling.. note: me n zam started bowling long time ago..but mr p didnt.. but, by final year in usm, he had his own bowling ball.. wanna know y? wakaka.. wut else.. we drag him laa... huhuhu... so good to see both of them.. we were so closed last time.. coursemate, roommate, teammate for bowling.. hmmm.. kinda miss all the things we used to do together @ usm =)

erm, maybe u guys wonder wuts da topic is all about.. not related wif wut ive wrote so far.. huhuh.. act, at kedah, on the flight.. i was so impressed with green scenery of the paddy field.. summore its almost musim menuai.. so the paddy will turn yellow real soon.. so beautiful.. n zam's house which i stayed were located in the middle of the paddy field.. syoknya.. hehe.. enjoy da pics (but 2 only) hehehe.. catch ya later.. adios

p/s: inilah rupe padi ye adik2.. hehe

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as a.k.a axa87 said...

baru kenal padi? tak makan nasi ker? ha ha ha ha