Monday, July 2, 2007

great weekend?

its monday morning.. but i bet the date shown must be sunday aite ;) nuthing much happened last weekend.. let s check it out..

saturday 30th june
wake up early morning.. went to sri gombak to fix my radio.. but he cudnt do much.. just made a bypass from immo to radio.. yeah, my audio was back but its just a temporary solution.. somehow da power didnt reach my audio n power socket.. need to recheck da wiring.. RM! RM! hmmm.. then went to EP to watch afat doing post bowl for his PBSM thing.. then back home to get some sleep.. woke up.. went to JJ.. dinner with afat & fiance & amad.. forgot i had futsal but did go there for a while.. then by 12++ i was home then sleeping time.. hehe

sunday 1st july
wake up early too.. huhu.. went to see my fiance.. had breakfast with her.. then went to install my anti shock @ my ride.. i asked them to repair my audio but they refused.. said it wast their fault.. i duno wut else to say.. left them with anger inside.. huh.. then went to semua house.. guess what.. i met whosend & mleo.. seemed like they're shopping for the upcoming big day.. i duno when.. but from wut i heard, it's soon enough ;) happy shooping dude.. huhu.. as for me, the goods mom was asking for were not available.. so i went to jalan TAR.. i bought myself a pink cloth for dis year's baju melayu.. huhuhu... mom was the first to laugh at me.. huhu.. i didnt mind.. say what u wanna say.. im wearing pink dis year :p later @ 4.30 pm, the five of us went to MBO, galaxy.. da original plan was to watch transformers, but only front rows left.. so we changed to die hard 4.0.. worth every single second of da movie.. two thumbs up.. bravo2.. see for urself.. but it was really2 a good one.. then @ 8pm, i went to PROCC single league @ EP.. starting from da beginning, i dun feel like playing.. tired maybe, so i decided not to play for the team event.. and i was right.. i bowled very bad.. only got 117 for da 1st game, followed by 175 & 158.. my total 450, average 150.. really2 dissapointing me.. i left da alley as soon as i finished da game.. drive home like crazy for the frustating nite.. huh.. "thanx" to soemin for the XXX ball..

hmm.. kinda long, so i guess no more for today.. becoz today is nothing much is happening.. need to edit da slide show for tomorrow.. i'm going to slim river.. for the Task Force stuff.. so guys... dats all for now.. adios...


as a.k.a axa87 said...

dass, tukar lah the date setting so that u can get the exact date for today

AfzaNistrator said...

ooh ayoi pon dah start blogging.. bagus2.. anyway Die Hard 4.0 mmg best.. Mati Keras!!!

AYOYakaDASSLER said...

done.. thx axa.. hehe..

afzan, mati keras wooo.. hikhik