Friday, June 29, 2007

what a sleepy day

elo guys.. currently the clock shows 4.50pm (local time).. 10 mins to go but i need to stay back.. have to provide some info for the preparation of next week's meeting.. we're going to slim river on 3rd july...

as for today, nuthing much happened.. still less work to be done.. just browse thru paperworks, minutes of meetings.. hmmm.. act, i was quite sleepy coz i slept a bit late last nite.. went to bowling with hakim n hafiz, my colleague feat. faizal (hakim's fren) & mariani.. bowled @ kl megalanes, endah parade.. 3 games @ RM10 maa.. manyak mulah.. hehehe.. after bowling, as usual.. ngeteh session + chit chatting.. got home @ 3 am.. huhu..

tomorrow, saturday im going to repair my car audio.. u cudnt imagine how weird being in the car without any music.. its really annoying listening to nothing.. all u cud hear were the sounds of the tyres, engine, muffler, people's honk.. huhu.. crazylahh... cannot tahan maa.. hope tomorrow my audio will be back to normal.. on sunday plak, i plan to do my 60k service exclude da timing belt change..huhu.. proceed with da engine oil's first.. still confuse whether to buy original's belt kit @ RM400 or DAYCO's belt @RM380.. hmmm.. da seller claimed the original belt also made by DAYCO.. sure or not.. huhu.. anyone can confirm me bout dat? hmmmm

i think dats all for today.. hope i cud get a wonderfull weekend.. enjoy ur weekend guys.. adios

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