Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hello Everyone =)

salam to all.. all this while i was just wondering wutz blog are made for.. but then, after surfing some of my frenz blog, namely evildead's lair, manik2 kayangan, sarang bintang seni, i started to realize dat it wasnt just a blog.. its more about sharing.. ur feelings, ur talent.. hmmm not bad at all..

so, today.. here i am.. creating my very 1st own blog.. hehe.. credit to evildead for da tips.. hamba ni seorang yg buta IT.. kekeke..

a bit bout myself.. people called me ayoy.. but my cyber name is dassler.. currently working at KHEDN.. baru je 5 hari.. huhu.. before dis i worked @ melaka.. love bowling so much.. used to love my savvy.. but now.. so-so only.. not satisfied with da maintenance cost.. huhu..

dats all for today i guess... adios..

just me.. AYOYakaDASSLER


as a.k.a axa87 said...

halooo.. welcome to the world of blogger.. bertambah lagi sorang.

So, rajin2 la menulis dan share anythings here..

Evildead_78 @ Setanmati said...

hahah.. dah aderrr... ehhh.. apsal link blog aku tak leh.. patut ler.. evildead78lair.blogspot baru betul bro... anyway... selamat memblog houemate baru aku...