Friday, February 8, 2008

hepy chinese new year..

alohaa.. todayz friday.. seems like im all alone in the office.. i decided not to go back bcoz got a few appointments to attend.. alhamdulillah.. smlm dapat one more partner.. mlm tadi got appt @ mc'D setapak.. positive response , alhamdulillah.. but as for me, diorg nak join atau tidak.. terpulang pada diorg.. im just doing part part sharing a good things.. coz people need money.. so, im just sharing da oppurtunity.. nnt ckp aku tak inform kawan2.. hehe.. its like an KLIA transit from KLIA to KL SENTRAL.. it stops at any station.. but its up to u to push da door button or not.. whether u wana come in or not.. but da train will continue the trip to KL SENTRAL..

so, wud im tryin to say.. da KLIA TRANSIT is like chance or oppurtunity.. it will keep on dropping by.. itz alwayz there to offer u da facility & to offer u better way to ur destination.. so, open up ur mind, give ur self a chance to hear n listen for only 15 minutes (or more :D ) neva prejudge da chances dat keep on coming.. therez always a beeter way of anything.. jobs, life, finding money.. u name it.. dat y people do RnD.. but as for us, we av our defination of RnD which is Recruit & Develop..hik2..

so guys, till we meet again bloggers.. adios..

just me,
dassler, e-networker
if money does matter in ur life, come n see me.. ill show u da way..

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